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Mac Mail Technical Support

Get Mac Mail Help for your Home or Office 

Do you need help for Mac Mail account and not sure exactly what to do?

Solid Rock IT UK can get Mac OS X email connected to your Internet Services Provider (ISP) or third party email services provider easily to address every aspect of your Mac Mail setup requirements.

We offer diverse Mac Mail Support services which adds true value to your business or personal effectiveness for server configuration settings (POP3 / SMTP) and IMAP details.

Our engineers can establish easily establish live Mac Mail Remote Support sessions to quickly resolve your technical challenges.


Mac Mail Technical Support for Every Situation

  • Configuring Mac Mail as your email client.
  • Help with Mac Mail for Microsoft Exchange email accounts.
  • Migrate Email Data to your Mac Mail Accounts.
  • Setup New Email Addresses and Ensure Proper Mac Mail Account Security.
  • Troubeshoot  Mac Mail Issues and Resolve Faults - either Sending or Receiving Problems.
  • Recover Emails Lost as a result of User Account Corruption or Unexpected Misconfigurations.
  • Synchronise Emails across Apple Mac devices - typically the case for iPhones, iPads & Macs.
  • Create filters to ensure Automated and Organised delivery of Emails to Specific Mac Mail Folders.
There are times when a properly working email application decide to start misbehaving without user input or system malfunction. When you are faced with these kind of scenario, our professional email experts are just a phone call away.

Apple Mac Application Support for:

  • MacBook Air - email support and application help
  • MacBook Pro - email support and application help
  • iMac (Powermac and Intel) - email support and application help
  • Mac Mini - email support and application help
  • Mac Pro - email support and application help
Leave the technical Mac Mail aspects to us and take control of your email messaging solution today. Simply call us now on 07951 878 703 for rock solid Email Support. Alternatively,
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