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Apple Mac and Windows computers rely on installed software and system drivers to help you execute daily activities efficiently. Software applications on Apple Mac and Windows systems will require maintenance or technical support at some point during their life cycle, which may be in the form of upgrade, update or application re-installation. At a time when technology changes are occurring more rapdily and security threats are using online systems to target intended victims, you need to ensure that your computers are safe and our specialist application support experts can help you determine best approach for applicatin management and implement solutions that mitigate risks to your business or home computer system.

Our application support is available for home users and businesses who are interested in efficient system performance and an operating environment where risks from security threats and unexpected computer failures are proactively minimized. Most of our application support services can be carried out online via secure remote technical support sessions and where this is not possible, one of our expert engineers can visit you onsite to resolve computer software issues affecting your Apple Mac or Microsoft Winodws system. Here are some of our core application support services on offer to our clients:  

Professional Application Technical Support Services

Solid Rock IT UK has diverse skills in application support for Microsoft and Mac Software with services available for simple or tedious troubleshooting and installation tasks. We offer Application Technical Support for the following software issues that can prevent your coputer system from working properly:

  • Microsoft  & Mac Office Applications - Update, Installation and Software Upgrade for Mac OS and Windows software
  • Operating Systems - Install, Troubleshooting and Application Upgrade - including patch management
  • Web Browser Issues - Troubleshooting software issues and Install Web Browsers on Mac and Windows computers
  • Plugins and Add-ons - Update, Troubleshooting or Installation of default or bespoke plugins
  • Specialist Applications - example: Creative Digital Media Suites, Accounting Software...etc
  • Printer Installation / application support and software driver troubleshooting for network and stand-alone printers

Protect yourself from security risks, identity theft or degraded system performance with our Application Support Services for home / business computers or Apple Mac devices.

Whatever your application support needs, our professional engineers are readily available to help you with software and hardware technical services every step of the way. Simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively, 

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