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Windows RAM Memory Upgrade

Windows Memory (RAM) Upgrade

RAM Memory Upgrade Service - Solid Rock IT UKUpgrading your Windows computer memory (RAM) is an effective way to improve system performance and overall system speed . Solid Rock IT UK offers a wide range of Memory Upgrade Services for Windows laptops and Desktop Computers.

If your Windows computer takes long to open a single or multiple applications and there are occasional screen jitters during media playback, then it is likely that you would benefit from our RAM  memory upgrade service. That said, not every Windows laptop or computers can accommodate additional RAM, as there may be maximum capacity limitations in place, based on your motherboard system design.

Common memory upgrade services requested for Windows computers, Mac laptops / desktop devices are:

  • Windows DDR RAM Memory Upgrade
  • DDR2 RAM Memory Upgrade for Windows Computers 
  • Windows DDR3 RAM Memory Upgrade

RAM Memory Upgrade Service for Windows Laptops & Pcs

We can help you determine the maximum memory for your Windows laptop and desktop computers where our experienced Technical Support Engineers can install these for you onsite quickly.

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Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Alienware, Sony Vaio, Panasonic, Gateway, Patriot, Compaq, Fujitsu Siemens, eMachinesAsus, Packard Bell, HP, NEC, Advent, Ei name a few.

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RAM Memory Upgrade Service

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