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Windows Operating System Upgrade London

Microsoft Operating System installation / upgrade for Windows PC, laptops and notebooks computers in London from Solid Rock IT UK.

We offer professional Windows operating system upgrade for all Microsoft based computers, with repairs carried out across all models and brands in London. We offer specialist Windows operating system upgrade with onsite engineers readily to help you every step of the way. We can optimize your Windows computer for improved performance and system stability so that you get the best outcome while using Microsoft applications and sofftware that are designed for use on this operating system platform.

Maybe you have an old operating system installed on your computer and thinking of throwing it out and buy a nw one. In ost cases we can upgrade the software and operating system on your laptop or desktop to get your device functioning properly again.





Upgrade for Obsolete Windows Operating Systems

Older operating systems on most computers or laptop will need to be upgraded and may either be one of the following:

  • Winodws XP - very much obsolete and will not work for most applications.
  • Windows Vista - obsolete and no longer receiving Windows updates.
  • Winodws 7 - still work but will be reaching its end-of-life cycle pretty soon.
  • Windows 8 - taken over by Windows 10, but there are users who still have this operating system installed.


Why Get Windows Operating System Upgrade & Installation?

  • You may try to access a few websites and get security warning and yet unable to upgrade the browser on your Windows computer.
  • You cannot install the latest version of new software downloaded or purchased for your Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  • The Operating System (O/S) provider no longer support your operating system version and your machine appears obsolete. 
  • Newer software programs may sometimes work on existing operating systems, but where they no longer function as expected - due to software updates or known application conflicts - then an operating system upgrade may be the best option available. 


Operating System Setup & Upgrade for Your Windows Computer

Whatever software challenges you are facing, Solid Rock IT UK can identify the underlying Windows Operating System issues and help you determine the best course of action for successfully resolving specific software application problems in London.

Our Windows system specialist are computer services engineers with hardware and software expertise to ensure your upgrade or installation are applied properly and optimised for improved computer security and performance in London.

Windows Operating System Upgrade Services Quote

Improve your Windows system performance with professional Microsoft operating system upgrade, application setup, computer software installation services today. To get started, simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively,

Operating System Setup & Upgrade


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