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Have you purchased a new printer and need help to unpack and conect it to your WIFI, computer or Mac? If yes, then Solid Rock IT UK professional IT support engineers are readiy available to help you, with onsite printer installation services offered to business and home users. We are expert at printer setup for new and existing devices, which means we can tackle faults easily and provide printer connectivity solutions for new computer environment.

Printer Installation Services for Mac & Windows System

If your printer normally work well and then you started having problems when using it on your Apple Mac or Windows based computers / laptops, then it's time you get rock solid printer support.

We can setup and install all inkjet (or laserjet) printer software on Apple Mac and Windows based devices as well as share single printer amongst multiple users for ease of access within your office environment. 

For emergency printer support or software related issues, we can also establish a secure Remote Printer Support Session to diagnose (and in most cases fix) the fault on your Inkjet (or Laserjet) printer/scanner in and have it working properly again.

Printer & Scanner Support

  •  Inkjet Printer and Scanner Installation and Configuration Faults
  •  Updating Latest Inkjet Printer / Scanner Drivers
  •  Customising Inkjet Printer / Scanner Settings
  •  Resolving Inkjet Printer Compatibility and Communication Error Issues
  •  Inkjet Printer Home Networking Services
  •  Printer/Scanner Performance Improvement across models and brands
  •  Resolving Inkjet Printer / Carrriage Jam Issues

Our Printer Support engineers have the expertise to troubleshoot and fix issues across multiple printer models and brands such as:

  • Dell Printer Repairs
  • HP (Hewlett Packard) Printer Repairs
  • Panasonic Printer Repairs
  • Toshiba Printer Repairs
  • Canon Printer Repairs
  • Koadk Printer Repairs
  • Lexmark Printer Repairs
  • Epson Printer Repairs
  • Samsung Printer Repairs
  • Konica Printer Repairs
  • Xerox Printer Repairs
  • Sharp Printer Repairs

Get professional printer support for your All-in-One or Stand Alone Inkjet (or Laserjet) printer model in today. Simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively,



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